[GNOY] Game Not Over Yet - MAME Roms & More!

[GNOY] Game Not Over Yet - MAME Roms & More!






Guide your submarine with the mouse.
Press the left mouse button to fire a torpedo upward toward the surface.
Press the space bar to fire a torpedo to the right.
You are allowed a maximum of one torpedo at a time in each direction.

You must destroy all ten of the merchant ships in the top row before you can move on to your next mission.  Try not to torpedo hospital ships.  Watch out for exploding depth charges, hostile torpedo fire, and magnetic mines.

Your sub has a limited supply of fuel and torpedoes, and must be re-supplied frequently.  A supply sub will pass by near the ocean bottom and release a trained dolphin carrying fuel and torpedoes.  By making contact with the dolphin's supply pack, you can re-supply your sub.  Whatever you do, don't torpedo the dolphin!  He has many friends in these waters, and they won't take too kindly to it.

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